My journey after birth and advice to new mums

Why did no one tell me that after you give birth you still look about 6 months pregnant?! I was surprised at how swollen my stomach was after the birth of macie. Especially as I had to have a emergency ceasarian so i was swollen fron surgery and a nice long red scar underneath my belly also to top it off . I felt gross after giving birth but now I feel proud that my body was able to produce a gorgeous child of my own. I can look back now and feel a sense of achievement but at the time I felt a sore bloated mess.
I remember the first time I saw myself in the mirror after my c section. I had a bath in hospital the day after and there was a mirror in there; i was shocked at what I saw. I felt battered and bruised from the emergency surgery and tired from my first night in hospital with macie. I really felt like my body would never be the same again.
However now a year on my body is better, stronger and healthier than its ever been. Yes I have stretch marks, not just on my stomach but all over my thighs and hips yet they have faded over time and I have accepted them. Yes I now have loose skin on my stomach and a slight pooch over my ceasarian scar, but it all comes as part of being a mum. I’ve learnt to accept and embrace those flaws and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.  I think I am more body confident now than I ever was before pregnancy! Time and hard work does pay off in the end.
I always knew I would have to work hard after pregnancy to acheive my body back. I am not a naturally slim girl but a naturally curvy girl with a small waist but bigger hips, bust and thighs. Now I am a different shape totally to what I was before and have learnt to dress for my new shape and confidence. I wish someone had prepared me for this but I guess everyone is different during pregnancy and after.
The day of my 6 week check up i rejoined the gym. After not exercising past the 20 week stage of my pregnancy and one c section later I felt totally unfit and out of my comfort zone. But I wanted to get back into shape so I did something about it. I had to start from the beginning and felt like a fish out of water especially after surgery. I had to be careful what I did at first and was not allowed to lift any weights till I felt ready and healed. So u asked a trainer at the gym for advice. He told me to start with the treadmill just walking to get some cardio in and when i felt ready to do some uphill walking and get faster when i felt stronger and fitter to do so.  So each week i pushed myself untill about 4 weeks in when u felt ready to go further.  10 weeks post partum I did my first spin class since birth. I did it sitting down all the way through after advice off the instructor but I finished the 45 minute class and felt great!
Walking was my answer for cardio. I have walked everywhere since having macie and having a pram to push.  I make it hard work and really powerwalk with her to get my LISS training in. Each week i felt stronger and i started to incorporate weight training into my exercise routine. So i joined a body pump class at the gym. For those of you that don’t know what bodypump is look on youtube for examples.  It was a great way to start off my weight training and i really started to see results.
The pic below is me 12 weeks post partum and the pic underneath is 16 weeks post partum and the difference is huge, even over the xmas period!



I spent months getting into a routine at the gym, walking, jogging, body pump, cross trainer and i was seeing some results and getting fitter each week. The more muscle I gained the more fat I lost.

So my advice to new mums is enjoy the time you have with your baby and when you feel ready get into a routine of losing that baby weight. Make time for yourself, don’t feel guilty for this time you spend exercising. Happy mummy=happy baby.

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